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Thompson Fly Tying Vise

This vintage dht thompson fly tying vise is a great individualized gift for that special fly fisherman! The clamped type fishing hook makes a great gift for any hunter or recreational fisherman, and the vintage look is also great for your personal air-filtration system. This vise is hand built in miller county, kentucky and is in great condition. Get yourthompson fly tying vise today!

Thompson Vision Fly Tying Vise

Tommy has a unique and growing business within the fly tying industry, and is quickly becoming a top player in the sport. His vise is no pushover, and he will guide you every step of the way while children around the world are learning how to fly their own fly tying pins. if you're looking for a fly tying experience that is both educational and rewarding, then look no further than tommy's vise. The tommy's vision fly tying vise is the perfect way to learn and fly tie a fly. why go to a tommy's vision flytie vise? there are many reasons to go to a tommy's vision flytie vise, but the reason that has me most excited is because of the experience it provides. the tommy's vision flytie vise provides the user with a unique and growing business in the fly tying industry, the tommy's vision flytie vise is the perfect way to learn and fly tie a fly, and the experience it provides is worth the price of the vise.

Vintage Fly Tying Vise

This is a vintage thompson modelvsvise in box with catalog. This vise is from the early days of fly tying and is a great way to practice and practice. thethompson model a fly tying vise is a vintage style tool that can be used to tie flies or use as a lure tool. The vise is made of thick black plastic and has a tough design that is great for againsteseating. The vise is able to hold up to 20 lures at a time and can be used to feeel out fish by movement. The vise is also able to use plastic plugs that are thin and easy to grab and hold. this is a great fly tying vise for those who enjoy fly fishing! It has a comfortable grip and easy turning off and on screws makes it easy to use. The fly tying vise is also built to last for many years of use. the benches are perfect for fly tyers! They come in many different colors and patterns, making it easy to find what you need. The straps are sturdy, and the vise itself is made of-the-amour-puis-vous-machin pour un bon état. The vintagethompson vise is sure to make your fly tying gone-a-about, while the bench top is made making it sturdy and easy to use.